The Luxury and Longevity of the Chesterfield



The Chesterfield Sofa has been an iconic piece of furniture for many many years, from its early days within the Gentlemen's Clubs of London, to more eclectic interior design projects.  The grandeur of settings in luxury locations to give a sense of importance, to the more humble situ's of a families living room or a modern entertaining area.

chesterfield sofa on a wooden floor


In the family home the iconic Chesterfield Sofa stands as a widely loved style, blending with all design tastes and family needs.


The elegant and timeless shape and style with its grand fully buttoned finish not only looks beautiful, but gives a robust and versatile seating area for the entire family. These superb pieces are crafted with not only looks in mind but with longevity at their heart!

We craft all our pieces in a traditional manner using only the finest materials to create stunning and robust pieces. Our pieces are crafted with a sturdy beechwood frame to provide the foundations of the Chesterfield Sofa.

We then upholster in a variety of manners depending on taste and finish in fabrics or our renowned hand dyed leather. We use only the upmost high quality full grain leather for our pieces, which gives the pieces a wonderful patina but also is very hardwearing and ages beautifully! Ideal to not only make your family house a wonderful home, but to provide the functionality needed in a busy household!


 gorgeous brown chesterfield sofa next to fireplace

 Along with the versatility of family life, the Chesterfield Sofa also works wonderfully in a range of interior styles. Our previous blog post explored the realms of Eclecticism and the chesterfield sofa and shows how these wonderful pieces can sit beautifully with any style. These stunning pieces can be tweaked and styled to suit any taste, from a contemporary rustic living room, to an ultra modern study or lounge.
 With all our pieces being bespoke we can craft exactly what our clients desire, from 4 metre fully buttoned pieces or metallic gold pieces to the more elegant, such as a crushed velvet unbuttoned pieces or an aged rustic tan.
 When crafting a piece the entire process from beginning to end is done lovingly by one upholsterer, leathers dyed by hand and our dyes hand mixed to perfection, we are confident we can create anything you can imagine!

 chesterfield sofa and a chesterfield chair

 As expect the luxurious feel of the chesterfield sofa is right at home in traditional settings, such as the gentleman's clubs of St James and grand manor houses.

These striking pieces immediately radiate a sense of importance in any classically style room. With there bold presence and aura of luxury, the legendary Chesterfield completes any setting where a sense of gravitas is implied.
This may be in a drawing room, rooms for entertaining or a functional room; surrounded by traditional decor and fine antiquities, this is the true birth place of the renowned chesterfield sofa!




Along with practicality and style the Chesterfield sofa is a great addition for any successful individual looking to have their home compliment their commitment to success.
From a home office to mix elegance and grandiose, to a formal meeting room to convey sophistication. The chesterfield sofa can add that level of gravitas and character for those looking to create a salubrious environment.
Our pieces are crafted in the most traditional and luxurious of manners making them truly ostentatious pieces of art for any manner of residence. 

The Chesterfield sofa is not only a beautiful piece of furniture with a rich history but is also a historic icon of style and luxury. The style remains very popular today and can be seen in situ in numerous settings either as they traditionally are or being tweaked and changed to suit more modern environments. The chesterfield sofa continues to be the most stunning and versatile piece in any home!



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