The History of London's Gentlemen's Clubs

The Gentlemen's club, or as previously known "traditional gentlemen's club", has been tucked away in the streets of London for hundreds of years!
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Thought to have been first Established in 1693 it is said to have all began with the Gentlemen's Club "White's". A Private Members-only club who's walls housed some of the most notable and upper class gentlemen as a place to relax and socialise. Most notable members recently included Prince Charles and Prince William and also previously David Cameron
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The History of London Gentlemen's clubs Focuses mainly around the West end of London, Mainly, St James's in Westminster. Clubs have come and gone over the years since their conception, however, even more modern clubs such as 12 Hay hill still focus around the St James and Mayfair areas.
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Other Gentleman's clubs still exist today, established hundreds of years ago as classic and traditional establishments for gentlemen to reside, to relax, to discuss and to sit comfortably. The Carlton Club was established in 1832 and as expected resides at 69 St James's Street after its original Pall Mall building was damaged during the Second World War Air raids.
As expected all these clubs share another similarity, All are outstandingly well decorated and share the same gentleman's club style and feel. Even the more modern clubs still uphold this classic style. A major part of this is the traditional and timeless seating which in a place of relaxation is paramount. Many of the pieces you see in the drawing rooms and throughout these grand buildings are traditional chesterfields. With Chesterfields being a historical icon of class and affluence, the gentleman's clubs continue this today.
 stunning chesterfield sofa
Take the classic club chair for example. There is a reason it is called a "club" chair, An iconic style in which you can sit and envision sipping fine whiskey or chatting with like minded club members.
We craft these stunning pieces in a traditional manner which resembles their traditional and classic style giving you the freedom to create your perfect chair tailored to your comfort!
 room showing two elegant chesterfield sofas
Another classic piece seen in these luxurious clubs is the Chesterfield Sofa, Along side classic chairs and coffee tables all giving a deep sense of exclusivity. Here our Devonshire takes pride of place alongside our Shelburne armchair.  Solid beech frame and loose coil sprung these pieces not only look exceptional but there comfort is second to none! We can craft the pieces in any colour of leather or fabric and since we hand craft all our piece here in England we can tweak our styles to suit your own taste!
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