David Robinson



Robinson of England’s David Robinson.

The Chesterfield sofa is probably one of the most iconic design statements we have ever known. This is why it still lives as strongly today as it did 150 years ago!  Of course, as with many things, we know that not all chesterfields are created equal!

Now 21 years on, we have amassed a comprehensive stock of all manner of Chesterfields. From the luxury of our new Signature Chesterfield sofa range to the character of a 180-year-old antique piece.


I am always available for a video call to discuss our various options and even give a tour of our workshops.

We have a buzzing team of passionate Chesterfield enthusiasts as well, who really take pride in their work. I love all of our furniture and with our Manner 1 crafting option, we are able to offer quite simply the world's finest sofas & chairs and true legacy pieces.

"The final word in Crafting"

Horse tail-filled, hand dyed, fully hand tacked and with fully loose coil-sprung seats, arms and back — these are the quintessential pieces! However, we understand that not all of our clients are looking to commission a Manner 1 sofa, which is why we offer a further five crafting options.

I think it’s important to be able to offer the right Chesterfield sofa to every individual. Whatever piece you decide on, we help you understand exactly what it is you are buying.  We have a Chesterfield to suit every mood, each defined by colour, style and condition. For us, it’s all about giving you the information you need as a customer to make the right decision for you.  Commercial work also makes up a primary part our company.

We work alongside the Bank of England, Interior Designers on projects around the world such as Annabel's and Dunhill’s flagship store in Beijing.  Google’s head office reception, Harris & Hoole and Red Bull. Our client list goes on.

You can be confident of an in-depth knowledge, passion and understanding that will help you to find your perfect Chesterfield sofa.