About Us

Here at Robinson of England the motto is simple:-
We strive to offer the most comprehensive collection of leather chesterfield sofas and chairs in the world.
Whether it be our from our Signature Collection which is scrupulously crafted in-house or from our comprehensive collections of Antique & Vintage or Twice Loved leather Chesterfields you can be confident that each and every piece is the very best for the value that works for you.
From £1,499 to £29,999 - each and every piece is value based to ensure you get the very best Chesterfield sofa and/or chairs for the price that works for you.

Historic crafting

All of our Signature sofas are crafted in the same methods applied throughout the century – coil sprung seats, arms and back, fully hand tacked and hand dyed. We boast six different "Crafting Manners" to suit a variety of tastes and budgets and we are proud to say that we are one of the only remaining companies in the UK that still crafts sofas this way.

Our pieces travel worldwide every week, whether it is a new Chesterfield sofa, or early or late antique chesterfield sofa of the 19th and 20th century.

The Signature Collection

Our luxurious Signature collection is a very bespoke service and product. We literally start with a piece of solid beechwood and craft from there.  This means that you can have as much – or as little – creative freedom as you like with your piece(s).  Whether it’s leather, fabric, deep buttons, feather cushions, a higher back or a deeper seat, the answer is always ‘yes’!  A Robinson Chesterfield sofa is crafted for you. 

In addition, we stock a large collection of Antique & Vintage and Twice-loved Chesterfield sofas.  With a continuous cycle of stock there really is something for everyone.

The Experience

An object can only ever be as unique as the team that helped create it.  At Robinson of England, our expert craftsmen are truly proud of the work they do. 
Crafted by experienced hands in our dedicated workshop, our unique pieces are lovingly created to the highest standard. With over 135 years’ of combined experience, we are extremely proud of the sofas we craft and restore.