Eclecticism and the Chesterfield

example of a beautiful home interior

Eclecticism is a bold approach to interior design and when done well and with the right pieces, looks absolutely stunning. Essentially eclecticism is to merge styles from different time periods into one project to create a stunning and varying room.


This can be done by mixing and matching colours textures and overall styles that compliment each other but are still entirely different in time period and appearance.


The term eclectic was originally coined by Johann Joachim Winckelmann, an art historian during the 18th century to describe the art of Annibale Carracci, who mixed traditional and contemporary styles into his pieces. This has now moved into the world of interiors to create phenomenal and unique interiors and rooms.

another beautiful home interior example

For example, take this stunning Eclectic living room From Houzz, Here we have elements from varying time periods all tied in to give a bold and wonderfully cultured style.


A worn rustic sideboard is surrounded by prints and paintings from various times and styles. All facing onto an art deco coffee table, with two very contrasting sofas at either side. On one side we have an ultra modern and bright bench sofa with a very angular finish. Opposite you have a Classic chesterfield sofa, with its fully buttoned back and arms. However these tie together through cushions and that stunning oriental rug.


In theory these styles should clash however when done well and linked through colours or textures it creates something quite wonderful!


Here this stunning chesterfield sofa mixes wonderfully with elements from across time, In a stunning white leather it is very alike a piece lovingly restored by ourselves.


home interior


Here another stunning example of very well executed Eclectic interior design! We have here a variety of classic and contemporary with everything in between! From the classic brass and glass coffee table to the ultra modern gloss blue warped stool.

Taking centre stage along with the stunning coffee table is a beautiful chesterfield sofa, with a flat seat and buttoned back and arms, in a lovely soft grey fabric! Similar to our own Goderich chesterfield sofa finished in a timeless grey linen. 

As with many interior design styles, a chesterfield sofas can be seen in situ and with the Eclectic interior style this is very true indeed. The chesterfield sofa represents a true historical craft and is widely considered the first fully upholstered sofa style. You can see how this ties in wonderfully with this mixing of time periods. 

Ranging from the traditional 18th century decor, such as the chesterfield sofas and beautifully carver wooden furniture. Through the ages including art deco's stunning tables and lighting, Art nouveau with its beautiful patterned fabrics and smooth carved curving furniture, to the more modern minimalistic coffee tables and sofas.



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