Walpole Chesterfield Sofa: Hand Dyed Fawn Brown Leather

British Prime Minister 1721-1742


The Walpole is a deep, chunky statement making sofa offering a great element of grandness to any room.


You may have gathered all our Signature pieces are names after 18th century Prime Ministers and Sir Robert Walpole was the perfect man for this perfect sofa. Walpole was in many senses a pioneer for a government led Great Britain. He was, essentially, the first ever British Prime Minister. Later known as the 1st Earl of Orford, Walpole is thought to have took lead of the country in 1721, however the date is disputed largely because the term ‘Prime Minister’ held no authority through law at that time. He continued to govern until his resignation in 1742, prompted by the Battle of Cartagena disaster, making his administration the longest in British history.


Our Walpole Chesterfield is a design that is equally as pioneering. The chunky frame and blunt angles creates a fantastic dynamic to the fantastic creative piece. This Manner 1 Walpole has a fully coil sprung seat, arms and back. It’s been completely hand tacked, not a single staple inside, and it took over 80 hours to make. Coated with a gentle layer of ginger fibre before a thicker quantity of hollow horse tail – the same as a violin string – this is the crème de la crème of British sofa craftsmanship. We upholstered this Walpole in a raw russet leather before hand dying it a delicious fawn brown. A final splash of French polish gives a smooth and shiny gloss look, before we finally finished the piece with hand tapped brass studs, turned walnut legs and casters.


The buttoned seat with the pleated front base gives this classic a truly traditional vibe. Supremely handsome and ever popular!


How We Craft Our Pieces.

2 Seater W70″ x D37″ x H30″


3 Seater W80″ x D37″ x H30″


4 Seater W90″ x D37″ x H30″