British Prime Minister 1742-1743

Our fabulous Wilmington Unbuttoned Chesterfield sofa is a more traditional ‘Chesterfield’ design and without doubt the aristocrat of sofas. This piece has been finished unbuttoned without the traditional deep buttoning. This gives the piece a somewhat more simplistic and slightly more modern feel but still retaining it classic shape and influences.

The 1st Earl of Wilmington, more humbly known as Spencer Compton, led Britain for just short of 18 months. In 1742 he succeeded Sir Robert Walpole at the helm, however, it was an acrimonious tenure largely overshadowed by poor health. Compton’s illnesses gave his peers plenty of opportunity to overrule his leadership, and it was opportunity that wasn’t wasted. His name, however, strongly lives on today… the cities of Wilmington, Delaware; Wilmington, North Carolina and the towns of Wilmington, Massachusetts and Wilmington Vermont are named in his honour.

Arguably, though, his most famous reincarnation is our beautiful Wilmington Chesterfield sofa. Crafted in anything from a Manner 1 to a Manner 4  (scroll down to our crafting menu for more information on our crafting manners), As a fully Buttoned or unbuttoned Chesterfield Sofa

A timeless, classic chesterfield finished fully unbuttoned in a Wonderful Dark Copper Tan and dark hand turned legs.


This piece is also available fully buttoned as Our Classic Wilmington Chesterfield Sofa.