Larger than life, our gracious Rosebery Chesterfield Chair is glamorous, curvy and elegant all in one sentence.

The chair lends its title from the 5th Earl of Rosebery, Archibald Primrose. Unlike our magnificent Chesterfield Chair, Primrose was the best of a bad bunch when appointed PM in 1894, according to Queen Victoria at least. Subsequently, Rosebery’s government was largely unsuccessful. His designs in foreign policy, such as expansion of the fleet, were defeated by disagreements within the Liberal Party, while the Unionist-dominated House of Lords stopped the whole of the Liberals’ domestic legislation. The strongest figure in the cabinet was Rosebery’s rival, Harcourt. He and his son Lewis were perennial critics of Rosebery’s policies.

This rather doomy story though is a far cry from the soothing satisfaction of a hand crafted Rosebery Chesterfield Chair. It’s a tasteful blend between a classic Chippendale style like our Rockingham, and the curvacious splayed arms of our Newcastle. The buttoned back and arms in this stunning coil sprung Manner 3 piece (scroll down for more information on our crafting Manners) retains the Chesterfield tradition whilst a duck feather and down set of cushions adds a more modern dimension. The Rosebery is a true piece of art offering lots of personality and diversity. We hand dyed this Chesterfield Chair in our delicious rich chestnut brown for a beautiful warm glow… what colour will yours be?