British Prime Minister 1834-1835 & 1841-1846

The Peel Armchair is the ultimate chair. The chunky duck feather and down cushion artistically moulds around your hips and instinctively draws a satisfying sigh as your body welds into place. It really is one of those chairs you just don’t want to get out of.

The Peel takes it’s name from Sir Robert Peel, Prime Minister of Britain on two occasions. Peel’s influence on these isles is still widely felt today. Depending on which side of the fence you sit, you may have heard the term ‘Bobbies’ or ‘Peelers’. Indeed, Peel established the Metropolitan Police Force based at Scotland Yard in 1829, five years before his first stint as PM. Peel eventually became known as ‘the father of modern policing’ going on to develop the ‘Pelian Principles’, a code of conduct for police officers, if you will.

Hopefully he won’t mind us stealing his name for our stunning chair. This particular Peel Armchair is arguably perfect after a long day at the office. The duck feather and down cushion is extremely soothing giving you a hug-like feeling as you lean back into the slightly arched back support

Finished in our wonderful hand dyed Deep Brown making it not only an extremely comfortable piece to sit in but also a very appealing piece to look at!

Be-spoke sizes also available.