British Prime Minister 1754-1756 & 1757-1762


This is a hand dyed Manner 1 (scroll down for more information on our crafting styles) crafted piece. It has taken approximately 90 hours of one man’s time to make this stunning piece of 18th century influenced art. The heavily splayed fully coil sprung arms are inviting, almost pleading to be nestled in to. The 3rd generation, solid beechwood frame guarantees it to last for a lifetime. Add to that the fully hand tied coil sprung seat, arms and back, horse tail and ginger fibre fillings and you have the finest piece of furniture craftsmanship ever known. A completely natural way of making furniture with no shortcuts at all.


The sofa was paired up with this stunning hand dyed deep wine Wilmington and the pair were so complimentary of one another. Both Manner 1, it was quite a simply the most stunning siblings ever seen…


You will see many Chesterfield still circulating today in excess of 100-years-old, and the reason behind that is the crafting… our Manner 1 pieces are complete replicas of these historical antiques and it’s this charming delivery that makes them the envy of all other sofas. Perfect, quality.