British Prime Minister 1827-1828

The Goderich Chesterfield sofa oozes style and soft natured design. The ever so slightly splayed arms make for a curvy shape and personality. Very simple yet overwhelmingly popular, the Goderich Chesterfield is a fabulous statemental design.

The Goderich takes its name from F. J. Robinson, 1st Viscount Goderich. When the Prime Minister, George Canning, died in 1827 Goderich succeeded him, but was unable to hold together Canning’s fragile coalition of moderate Tories and Whigs. He resigned after 144 days in office making him one of the shortest serving Prime Ministers in British history. 

Thankfully, though, his short leadership has given us another great name for our beautiful sofas! The Goderich Chesterfield is ultra modern and stylish. The arms arch ever so beautifully in celebratory fashion. They almost plead to be cuddled. Made in our Manner 2.5 style (scroll down to our crafting menu for more information on crafting manners), this is a fabulous Fabric sofa! Coil sprung seat and filled with boar’s bristle and horse hair, it ticks the boxes for Chesterfield tradition, crafting and style, but with a superb contemporary twist thanks a beautiful Stone woven fabric, a truly beautiful blend of contemporary and tradition.