Devonshire Chesterfield Sofa: Printed Red And Gold Leather

British Prime Minister 1756-1757


The Devonshire is a grand Chesterfield. Its biggest feature is those swan neck arms that subtly subside into the sofa’s stylish posture. 

William Cavendish, better known as the 4th Duke of Devonshire led Britain for just over six months. Although his official title was ‘First Lord of the Treasury’, most historians consider him Prime Minister during his service. As Lord, Devonshire became part of an administration effectively led by William Pitt – who later became PM himself. However, the admistration wasn’t around for long after opposition from King George II and the improper trial and execution of Admiral John Byng. 

Our Devonshire, though, is a little more assertive and inspiring than the defunct Duke. This Manner 3 (scroll down to our crafting menu for more information on our crafting manners) had a fully coil sprung seat and was filled with a high quality foam. This Devonshire is a great alternative example to our hand dyed leather Chesterfields. Upholstered in a high quality printed leather, this red wine and gold leather is a high impact, attention grabbing design. This Devonshire sports a cool flat fasia, moulding the sofa stylishly to give a smooth, modern finish. Could easily be buttoned or with cushions for no extra cost.


We have thousands of possibilities from animal print to mosaic when it comes to printed leather. Please contact us to discuss your ideas.

2 Seater W70″ x D37″ x H29″

3 Seater W80″ x D37″ x H29″

4 Seater W90″ x D37″ x H29″