Whats your age?

Leather can bring a whole variety of textures, smells and moods to furniture. But like a fine wine, it’s deciding what you want from your leather. Be it the pungent smell of the polish from the workshop floor, or the characterful texture of leather that's over one hundred years old, we have something to cover all of your options.

For example, the leather on our beautifully designed Goderich unbuttoned Chesterfield. This was specifically made to achieve that hand dyed matt characteristic. It's the kind of finish that I imagine sitting nicely in a more modern, contemporary living space. Maybe nestled in amongst a light pine coffee table and perhaps a Scandinavian bean bag - which we can also craft by the way!

Brown leather Sofa


A younger feel perhaps...

Moving to what you could call our “statement” piece; the 'Antique Gold', hand dyed Wilmington, with beautifully exaggerated antiquing of the pleats... we challenge anyone to put this in a room without drawing the eye! Although we wouldn’t go as far as saying it has the ancient feel to it, it portrays luxury, an acquired taste, stubborn in its ways. You could say middle-aged!


Yellow Chesterfield Sofa


And, of course, we wouldn’t be a furniture store without our selection of Vintage. Vintage leather speaks for itself, naturally ageing over a period of time supported by unquestionable crafting excellence. There is no better example than a lovely Vintage chairs down in our showroom. A favourite of many customers that come in and quite rightly so! The leather screams knowledge, cries character, a wise old Chesterfield sofa contently showcasing experience. We’ll say no more...

Old Leather Chair

We are the ultimate leather enthusiasts! Leather can be used to accommodate all manner of customers' desires, and cared for in the correct ways, it will soon become a family legacy, something to be handed down from generation to generation. That's what makes our furniture legacy furniture!



So, let us know what age you are... young, middle aged, or vintage


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