The 8 Most Finely Crafted Products in the World - that you’ve possibly never heard of!

vertu mobile
When it comes to exquisitely crafted Technology, Vertu Phones are second to none and well known for their luxury quality.  But not only that!  The real treat is the fastidious concierge service that comes with!  Ensuring the life of its owner has access to everything and anything money can buy and culture can offer.
Each crafted by a single craftsman here in England, these beautiful pieces of art are crafted from rare and exceptional materials such as Sapphire, ruby and even gold. 
 large vertu mobile
Aside from their second to none performance and technology these devices are the pinnacles of exceptionally crafted and stunning 21st Century Technology. Functionality and modern technology meets the tradition of expertly crafted British products.
R.W Smith Watch Makers
elegant watch
 When it comes to luxury, watches are something always spring to mind!  Now when it comes to the ‘most’ exquisitely crafted watch, R.W Smith watches are at the forefront.  Winning the Walpole Best British Craftsmanship award in 2015 this is clear!
 Giving the ability to create bespoke superbly handcrafted timepieces Smith takes artisan crafting to pinnacle of traditional. 
wrist watch
Crafted through the ‘Daniels Method’, after the late and renowned watchmaker George Daniels. R.W Smith are crafting watches so beautiful, they released the ‘Open Dial’ Series, in which all the mechanics of these stunning mechanical watches can be seen. Crafted in stunning gold and steel, this shows the true architecture of movement, something rarely seen in a mechanical piece! 
Morgan Cars
 classic car
Morgan cars needs no introduction, one only needs to appreciate the stunning design of these machines and the absolutely exquisite craftsmanship.
In an industry of fast paced manufacturing, Morgan has stuck with the traditional values of luxury craftsmanship. These stunning works of are crafted in Pickersleigh Road where they have been since 1914! 
 morgan car interior
Built from a solid yet lightweight Ash wood frame that acts as a structure for these pieces. Morgan focuses on the use of Ash, Aluminium and Leather to create these powerful and beautiful automobiles.
These pieces with solid wood frames remind us of our own Chesterfield sofas, minus the Aluminium!  We even share leather company’s:)
Lock & Co Hatters
 trilby hat
Lock & Co have established themselves as one of the oldest and most respected Hat Makers in history! Dating back to 1676 they have commissioned pieces for the Whig Families, Lord Grenville, Winston Churchill and Charlie Chaplin. They are even rumored to be the inspiration for the mad hatter in Alice in wonderland!
 man in black suit and hat
Continuing as a family-owned business even now, Lock & Co crafts the most luxurious hats known. From their renowned ‘Coke’ hat to more modern and trending Panama hat! Working with the likes of Vivienne Westwood and Mr Porter Lock & Co continue the traditional art of hat crafting and further cement themselves in the history of exquisitely crafted goods.  Our owner David Robinson even wears one!
Fox Umbrellas
 man in suit with umbrella
Conceived in 1868, Fox umbrellas are well known for their exquisitely crafted umbrellas. Having clients such as Alfred Dunhill and Turnbull & Asser. These beautiful pieces are hand crafted in England and are defiantly the most stylish way to keep dry.
 a bunch of unbrellas
With stunning hand made handles and solid wood throughout, being finished in a range of plain or patterned materials these truly are an accessory to compliment any style. Stunning luxury and functionality, just the way we like it!.......but don’t leave yours in a bar (I always do;))
Ross Kopi
 ross kopi 
Ross Kopi collect and lovingly craft the luxurious Kopi Luwak; the most Exquisite coffee known to man. Collected from the selected areas in the remote mountain range, the Gayo Highlands, in Sumatra. Only Coffee left by wild civets is used to produce Luwak coffee.
Each batch of this luxurious coffee takes six months of skill and precision to produce.
 luxurious coffee beans
Beans arrive mere hours after being picked by civets preserving their integrity and flavour. Once inspected to ensure quality the beans re dried for up to ten days before being stored for several months to allow them to develop that distinct well rounded flavour!  I am fortunate enough to know this first hand - EXCEPTIONAL!
Yohei Fukuda Shoe makers
crafted bespoke shoe 
When to comes to expertly crafted bespoke shoes, Yohei Fukuda are the pinnacle of luxury!
This Japanese artisan cobbler craft tailored shoes in the traditional means, hand stitched, hand dyed and finished. Not only are the methods superb but the designs and colours are mind blowing! 
shoe and gloves
Each Pair is unique with hours spent on stitching alone to ensure the perfect fit, Leathers inspected to ensure perfection. With YF understanding the desires and personality of each client, each pair is crafted to not only last but to carry on traditional methods in a stunning finished product, who’s craftsmanship is second to none.  We understand this just perfectly!
 Robinson of England
Well we couldn’t very well leave ourselves out of such a prestigious line up of our peers now could we;)
i wont say too much though about our  crafting, hopefully it will be self evident from looking around our site.  However, for the real low-down you must read our Crafting options
chesterfield sofa craftsman

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