The Rarity Of An Original Pair

In the world of furniture pairs are a very common occurrence. However, when it come to antiques, pairs are extremely rare!
Antiques crafted over 100 years ago tend to be found alone either due to being only one piece crafted, the pair have been split or one piece has not stood the test of time.
At Robinson of England we craft our pieces with the intention of them one day passing through auction houses, ageing beautifully and one day being true antiques in years to come. This is why when we craft a matching pair of pieces it is vitally important that they not only match, but both age and survive through time.
 Here we have a stunning pair of our renowned Grenville Sofas, Finished in our signature full grain leather and lovingly hand dyed to a timeless elephant grey. These pieces have crafted and dyed all by one of our artisan upholsterers meaning all crafting, from upholstery to dying is done by the same expert hands!
Leather sofa In Grey
Grey Leather Sofa Legs 
This pair of pieces has been crafted in our Manner 2 crafting option, giving them full loose coil sprung seat and back. All of our coil springs are hand tied, this not only gives more precision with the seating and comfort but also adds longevity to the pieces! You can see exactly how we craft our prices further on our crafting page!
Aside from the size of these pieces every aspect is identical, from their beautifully turned legs and matching porcelain castors to their frame maker and the origin of their leather! 
Grey Leather Chesterfield Front
Grey Sofa From The Side
Vintage Chesterfields Side By Side
Take this stunning antique piece (left) which has been reupholstered in a stunning raspberry hand dyed leather. This has then been replicated by our artisan upholsters, crafting an identical piece using the exact same methods and materials as the original piece crafted order 100 years ago!
Beautiful antique pieces like this are a rarity and finding two still together or as a suite is even rarer still! 
 chesterfield chairs outside
 One of those rare occurrences can be seen here! A pair of Stunning Howard and Sons chairs which were restored by our artisan upholsters. These pieces have been restored identically to make sure these stunning pieces carry on together and both stand the test of time.
Just like our matching Grenville pieces, we aim for our piece one day to be like these chairs, together and growing old together!








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