The Artistry of Hand Dyeing


hand dye styles for chesterfield sofa

At Robinson of England, the traditional method of Hand Dying has been at the forefront of our individuality, and an undeniable attribute to the long lasting relationship between the Chesterfield Sofa and British craftsmanship.

Hours upon hours are spent each week in our workshop, and with an abundant range of dyes, and an extensive knowledge of techniques specific to hand dying, we are able to accomplish a finish that merits the quality of what lies underneath. 

Each dye has a unique relationship to the other, and by using different undercoats or applications, the furniture becomes a canvas as broad as the customers imagination. The eccentric approach to our ‘Wilmington' in Antique Gold pays tribute to the effectiveness of Hand Dying. Defined pleats and the bold tones of dye, brings the traditional together with ‘the new’. Making it a ‘go to’ in the pursuit of a statement piece. 

Leather Chesterfield Sofa

'Simplicity is rarely simple’

 The definition of pleats (amongst others) is an artistic decision that needs to be made by each and every client, however the alternative is in no way less complex. On the contrary, simplicity is rarely simple. 

To achieve the beautiful finish of our Hand Dyed Parchment, we boil the husk of walnuts mixed with water, and then leave them to simmer. After the water has evaporated and crystallised, we mix the granules in to a jar of solution and begin to dye. Our Hand Dyed Parchment is a testament to the artistry behind our dying process, and has astonishing results.

Chesterfield Sofa From The Side


Our Artisans have created hundreds of different combinations over the years, yet new possibilities remain to be found. And with our extensive collection of polishes and wax, we can go even further in the pursuit of perfection, to achieve the desired furniture each and every client has the right to receive at Robinson of England.




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