Our Work for the Bank of England

We are very proud to have been selected to craft and restore furniture for The Bank of England.
Having been welcomed within the hallowed walls of the Bank, one thing is immediately apparent.   It is the epitome of a Great British institution.  As such we have a weighty responsibility to craft the finest pieces that can live and grow old within those walls.
Of course among the various projects and furnishings there are variations.  Not all furnishings are designed to become asset grade Museum pieces but some, the iconic green leather upholstered pieces, most certainly should be and that is what they will have!
We are currently working on a piece for a governor's office which is Chesterfield sofa in shape but with a modernist, almost Scandinavian influence.
The remit was to replicate the current piece which in is a circa 1990 piece and is now available for sale though ourselves.  You can see this piece below.
Bank of England Leather Sofa
Of course I wanted to reinterpret that piece and creat something that would be museum quality not only in quality but also in design.
The result I'm confident will stand the test of time.
It was a fully documented build and the style is now a part of our Signature Collection.  You can see the piece below.
crafting a Chesterfield sofa for the Bank of England
crafting a Chesterfield sofa for the bank of England
Bank of England Chesterfield sofa
Bank of England Chesterfield Sofa
"The sofa is very grand and blends into the space really well.  Thanks to you and your team" - Bank of England
Speak soon!
David Robinson 

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