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Spring Coils For Chesterfields

At Robinson we pride ourselves on our passion for crafting, the quality that goes in to our furniture and the importance of our crafting options, offered to each individual based on their needs.
Our options offer a complete insight into the process that your furniture will go through from start to finish, and a detailed explanation of the final build. This allows you to explore the intricate details of our Manner 1 option, the rich blend of traditional and modern techniques of our Manner 2, and of course, the modern approach to a historic way of crafting that is our Manner 6.
The transparency of our production is not only followed with a diverse range of options in build, but also a flexibility within the financial side of your furniture. As everything is crafted under one roof, you can have as much (or as little) say as you please. Making you the artisan. This gives you the ability to have your piece(s) built in the historical manner inch by inch, or allow for some modernisation to the crafting process, thus reducing the financial factors.

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