Bespoke Interiors

Chesterfield Sofa And Footstool

Robinson of England have recently taken a step off the 'traditional' path of legacy sofas & chairs, all in the name of the Bespoke needs of our customers and now offer hand crafted cabinetry and tables.
We offer a broad range of design options for our sofas & chairs, making it possible for our clients to have as much creative freedom as possible. However having a vast range of options, giving you the ability to create a product matching your exact needs, creates a new issue:
How do I find furniture that gives me the same range of design, to match my new Chesterfield sofa?
Interiors are more than a statement, they are an expression, a way to create a home in which you feel comfortable to live. And that's where our artisanal skills come in and how every detail of what we create can be dictated by your vision.
Dining Table With Antique Chairs
We have recently crafted an oak table and dining chairs to match for a client in Lagos, Nigeria. An imperative aspect of our new service for example is that we can apply the same hand carved, full leaf, ball & claw legs on both the table and chairs to have the consistency of our quality. And this dining set is a testament to the length that we are able to go to achieve that quality.
Specifics are of course irrelevant. The aim of continually updating our services, and thinking of new ways to provide quality, bespoke, craftsmanship is to not only have a quality product, but to establish a collaboration between client and artisan capable of achieving beautiful furniture unique to your home. Giving each and every customer over 200 years of artisanal experience at their fingertips - courtesy of Robinson of England.

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