Are we a “Circular” Company?

Many of you may have never heard the term “Circular” company, let alone know why I would be writing about it on a furniture website.

In a nutshell, It is a company that creates a product that can, at a later date, be fully recycled using its materials to create a whole new product.

Whilst it may not be simple to re-cycle our raw materials to create a whole new product, you can be very certain and comfortable that over the next two or three centuries at least you should expect to be able to maintain and restore our pieces to retain their original purpose.  That is, to be beautiful pieces of furniture.  Intended to be passed down throughout your future generations.

Not only that!  Our restorative work on 19thC and 20thC pieces ensures that the lowest possible carbon footprint is achieved.  

As it happens we use very very little in the way of generated power (the 4th largest source of carbon emissions).  A couple of staple guns when required, 4 lights and a delivery vehicle.

These elements combined ensure a healthy, low carbon conscience.

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