Antique Sofa Restoration - William IV Sofa

I've written about this on more than one occasion and continue to champion it!
Here is the before and after of a William IV piece that we have just completed and I'm sure you'll agree with great effect!
Leather Chesterfield Sofas
This was a piece we were fortunate enough to have in stock but clients as and commission us regularly to restore their own sofas and chairs and one key thing I would like to highlight is that "Anything is possible".
As you can see from this piece it was a smooth in-buttoned finish, however I decided that the fully buttoned arm and back with narrow buttoning pattern would be a most fitting finish.  Many people don't realise that any finish is possible:)
We also went from fabric to leather and a hand dyed leather at that.
Here's a little snap shot........
Restoring A Chesterfield Sofa
Antique sofa restoration
Hand dyeing chesterfield sofa
Leather upholstery restoration
Chesterfield sofa hand dyed
Restored antique chesterfield sofa
I hope you'll agree the finish is worth the labour - it also has a very strong intrinsic value and will last for many generations.  A true legacy piece.

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