Alfred Dunhill and the Importance of Brand Alignment

manquins next to a chesterfield sofa 
It is always a pleasure, a delight and an honour when the greatest established fashion houses and true leaders of style opt for the product that you craft, above all others.

We have been genuinely proud to work with Dunhill on many occasions including Bourdon House in Mayfair, Alfies in Beijing and the Dunhill Links at St Andrews.

Of course these are pieces that are on public display however, there are also those pieces that will be enjoyed by only the privileged few.

Quite some time ago we were fortunate enough to be chosen by Harvard and restored a 19thC piece for the Grand Hall in their Staff Faculty Club...........A great honour indeed.

But perhaps the greatest of honour was to craft our Manner 1 Devonshire for the Chopard family. Known for their true understanding of distinction, quality, culture and style, it was indeed an honour to craft such a piece.

devonshire chesterfield sofa

Now sitting as the wine tasting sofa for their friends and family, I can't help but wonder the tales it could tell and persons of notoriety that it must have welcomed.

However, it is vitally important for all of our clients to undersatand that, irrespective of background, our pieces and crafting are selected for many reasons and in-particular the truly unique offering across our collections. Whatever your budget and requirement, I am confident we will have just the thing.


Our Milena Chesterfield Sofa in hand dyed Walnut at the Dunhill Links - St Andrews

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