The Rarity of Original Antique Leather

Through many years of love and use, leather builds up a stunning character! Wear and patina of leather shows a story of how the pieces have been used, from where they were kept and where they have been sat on to the colours used dying the leather and the kinds of leather used.


In an article done for Interior Style Hunter we explored how Leather gains it Patina and what kinds of leather will age beautifully!


However, many antique pieces are recovered over their lifetime, sometime multiple times, from new leather, to fabric, changes to the finish such as new borders and studs and so on!


So when we come across a stunning antique Chesterfield Sofa which is still upholstered in the original leather we get very excited!



antique leather chair

antique leather chair close up


For example not too long ago we came across this Early 20thC Captains Chair, still in the leather is was crafted in! This is an absolutely stunning piece with  close to a hundred years of character and a story which is told purely through years of patina!

 However, more recently We stubbled upon a piece which got us very interested!

This stunning antique Chesterfield sofa has close to a hundred years of patina and wear and still has remained untouched, retaining its original leather!

 antique brown leather chesterfield sofa


Crafted in the Early 20th Century, Circa 1930, this incredible 96" piece is in exceptional condition for its age and has all the character you would expect of a beautifully aged piece!


 This may bring the question of how can leather last so long?



 close up of the antique brown leather chesterfield sofa


Well this is all down to the exceptional methods of crafting rarely seen today! Much like our Manner 1 crafting option, this piece is filled with loose horse hair and coconut fibre! These natural fibres are hollow and allow air to move around the piece freely, this causes wear to be spread and slows the ageing process of the piece overall! 


 brown leather chesterfield sofa quality


Another major reason for this pieces longevity is the use of hand tacks! This is something rarely used now due to the time and skill involved, however where more modern staples will rust, corrode and break over many years, Tacks will not corrode and are generally stronger! 

This shows that traditional fine crafting is a testament to longevity!

The patina of the leather mixed with traditional deep buttoning and straight classic shape creates that true coveted style only chesterfield sofa can bring!



 the beauty of the chesterfield sofa

 We like to think that in years to come the Chesterfield Sofas we hand craft today will be as they were made! In their original leather as they were first lovingly crafted and still being used and passed down through the ages!










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