Continuing the Legacy

Here at Robinson of England we like to keep things as traditional as possible. Wether its a Timeless Coil sprung and horse hair filled Pelham Chesterfield Sofa, or something a little different, such as a, hand dyed Plum leather, drop 'side' piece like our Mayfair. We know the importance of maintaining the heritage of British Craftsmanship!


Chesterfield Sofa Fully Buttoned


Take this Superb example of true hand crafting!

This wonderful Vintage piece has been lovingly crafted with a Full loose coil sprung seat and Upholstered using Natural horse hair making the piece, not only stunning but, very comfortable indeed!

This is a heritage we continue with our own crafting. With our pieces being loose coil sprung and having the option to horse hair fill the piece creating a true modern day Antique!

 With its grand timeless style, this is a true example of a Classic Chesterfield Sofa. Crafted with all the skill and attention that we hold ourselves on here at Robinson of England, it is something we strive to continue!


 quality of the chesterfield sofa

With Age comes beauty!

Just as with our own pieces, this piece has been upholstered using exceptional leather and skillfully hand dyed, therefore it has gained its perfect Patina over its life, giving it a the most stunning finish.

Hand dying is something that is truly encapsulated within us here at Robinson of England. The process of hand dying takes many hours of skillfull work, dying each pleat and every button perfectly, However in doing so we know our pieces may themselves develop their own patina over many many years to come!

These traditional techniques and methods are what Robinson of England was built upon, continuing the art of crafting the finest furniture and creating pieces that extend the legacy of Exceptional British Craftsmanship!


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